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Contact Us

Contact Us

Venue Location

Isleta Resort and Casino
11000 Broadway SE
Albuquerque, NM 87105-7469
7 minutes south of Downtown Albuquerque at Interstate 25 and Highway 47, Exit 215

Website: isleta.com
General Information: 505-724-3800
Hotel Reservations: 877-475-3827
Spa Reservations: 505-848-1977
Golf Reservations: 505-848-1900
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Executive Directors

Linda and Richard Smith
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Website: http://humanoriginsconference.com
Email: info@humanoriginsconference.com
Phone: 505-908-9148
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Media Director and Producer

Alex Lipton
Oceanside, California

Website: videoshaman.com
Email: alex@videoshaman.com
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