Conference Mission

What is the true history of the Human Race?

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We answer these and other profound questions that the mainstream media will not touch with a ten-foot pole. We must warn you that should you decide to open this business proposal, there is no turning back. Once you know what you know, you cannot ‘Un-know’ it. So, if this is a risk you are willing to take, please take a look at the next path on the journey of humanity. The Human Origins Conference is an annual, non-profit global ancient history and cosmos event, revealing fascinating realms of human origins on Earth.


This annual free public conference is a serious approach to sensitive issues, dedicated to providing hidden knowledge of various topics which profoundly affect us all – rarely and or not addressed by our controlled mainstream media. By offering a free public style Lecture and having a more intimate lecture format this makes a powerful presentation style.

The conference aim is to share and inform the general public of various suppressed knowledge covering: Mind Control, History, Secret Societies, Roman & Natural Law, the Economy, Weather Changes Alien & UFO, Shadow Government, Occult Technologies, the Cosmos and the New world Order.

The conference’s objective is to expose the manipulation of humanity by non-human intelligences, be they alien, inter-dimensional, demonic or satanic.

The Conference Mission is to share knowledge with the view to expand the consciousness of humanity by presenting world renowned researchers and writer’s revealing such sensitive information.

By Sponsoring the this free public Lecture Seminar event you are investing in the global truth revealing movement currently unfolding worldwide and spreading city to city.

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