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Conference Highlights

Conference Highlights

  • HOC 2019 is the nexus of all your current and future thought leaders
  • Theme based event focusing on ecological stewardship, cutting-edge discoveries and global awareness
  • Lost knowledge of ancient wisdom and advanced technologies
  • Benefits of such knowledge to education, human well-being and futuristic applications
  • Impressive cross-sectional participation from researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, academicians, experiencers, writers and visionaries

Take aways

  • Well-organized program designed by experienced professionals
  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • An opportunity to showcase key emerging discoveries to the vast gamut of the paranormal, ufological and experiencer community

Why attend this event?

  • Participation by leading professional seminar leaders
  • Visionary writers and speakers to share their wealth of knowledge
  • Interdisciplinary event crossing many research areas
  • Discussions on profound questions and global mysteries
  • Significant networking opportunities with over 200 people from diverse fields are expected to participate

Target audience

  • Family, Friends and Neighbors (yes, this means you)
  • Alternative Health Experts and Practitioners
  • Authors, Writers and News Media Professionals
  • Human Rights Advocates
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Local, State and Federal Government Officials
  • Local Community Advocates and Leaders
  • Paranormal Forum and UFO Network Organizers
  • Researchers and Academicians
  • Teachers, Education Professionals and Early Career Attendees
  • Truthseekers, Experiencers and Contactees

Topical knowledge

  • Ancient Astronauts
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Consciousness
  • Earth’s Cosmology
  • Ecology and Global Awareness
  • Economics and Xenoeconomics
  • Geopolitics, Exopolitics and Current Affairs
  • Human Origins and the Human Condition
  • Human Race's Star Born Legacy
  • Interstellar Visitations
  • Linguistics and Etymology
  • Lost Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Our Own Past, Present and Immediate Future
  • Spirituality and Reincarnation
  • Xenoarchaeology

Opportunities to participate

  • Book Signings
  • Exhibitors and Vendors
  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Networking
  • Patronage and Sponsorship

What is in it for you?

The Human Origins Conference represents a serious approach to sensitive issues while remaining dedicated to providing hidden and suppressed knowledge on various topics that deeply affect us all. Be it economic, political or interstellar, this annual conference event targets those profound questions and global mysteries, while aiming to actively inform the general public on the issues we are all facing together as we come to terms with our own past, present and immediate future.

Revealing the fascinating realms of Earth’s cosmology, human origins, ancient history and lost wisdom, the Human Origins Conference carries a mission of sharing knowledge with the purpose of expanding the consciousness of humanity by presenting world-renowned researchers, writers and visionaries revealing such sensitive information.

HOC 2019 is an essential leading-edge event bringing together thought leaders, field researchers, experienced practitioners, academicians, experiencers and trailblazing authors to learn, discuss and teach about the principal lost knowledge and ancient wisdom of advanced technologies, as well as the benefits of such knowledge to education, human well-being and futuristic applications.

HOC has an impressive wellspring of collective information coming from it speakers and exhibitors, a fundamental aspect that not only equates itself to an increasingly powerful and loyal audience, but is also solidly grounded on the building blocks of credibility and reputation.

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