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Anthony and Tammy Chino
Anthony and Tammy Chino

Anthony & Tammy Chino
Collective Frequency

Motivational Speakers

Instagram: @collectivefrequency

collective frequency anthony and tammy chino


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A Collective Frequency introductory video.

Speaker Profile

Anthony and Tammy Chino are from New Mexico travelling far and wide for the Collective Frequency Mission journey to build a web around the world to connect all who are on the same frequency of love with the human race and our Mother Earth.

Collective Frequency is a vision given to the Chinos by spirit, a vision that perceives no more Gurus or Leaders, as we are all to become empowered Hue-Man Beings so as to balance our beautiful Mother Earth, letting go of all labels and becoming pure beings of Love.

The Chinos are here to help empower everyone to heal themselves through this powerful frequency as they perform the collective soundbath of their highly attuned band. The band consists of the Chinos, Gongs, Chimes, seven singing crystal bowls, as well as a crystal triangle, xylophone, crystal harp, astral voice, tang drum, laser lights and much more.

Lecture Seminar Program

Common-Unity: Collective Frequency Soundbath

432 Hz Crystal HarpThe Journey will begin with the sound of fairies through the harp and chimes, then moving to the powerful gongs to stir up and shake out all negative and heavy energies. This sets the tone to embrace what comes next, the sounds of the seven singing bowls, taking you up binaurally by Mr. Chino.

Mrs. Chino heals each person with the crystal triangle, followed by her astral song as the crystal bowls sing. Adjusting and aligning all bodies to a balanced state. Mr. Chino will bring each person down one bowl at a time, as the crystal harp will open your heart center.

The Tang drum will bring you back to your body while simultaneously grounding you. This will surely leave you feeling healed, relaxed and rejuvenated, as if you've been “melted” with a message from the inside out. Presented by Anthony and Tammy Chino.

seven singing bowls

The amazing seven singing bowls of the Collective Frequency Soundbath.