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Bret Colin Sheppard
Bret Colin Sheppard

Bret Colin Sheppard
Portals of Knowing

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Bret Colin Sheppard

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Speaker Profile

Bret Colin Sheppard was born in Gary, Indiana, on September 17, 1966. He has been through an extraordinary amount of childhood trauma, and early ET abduction by benevolent ET’s helping him through his trauma. During his childhood he was taught esoteric knowledge from various books given to him by members of his mother’s friends and cult members of various organizations. He was groomed as an artist by a beautiful Nordic woman named “INO” who worked at the time as a caricature artist for Playboy magazine. She taught him all about perception, and how to draw what he sees in nature.

Sheppard experienced a time anomaly where his anomaly finds from the future were shown to him in art class at his high school. Whoever did this time mission also knew that Bret has a photographic memory. Years later, he feels compelled to pursue looking for anomalies in NASA images of the moon and Mars. He is known in the anomaly community for some of his finds, the Lunar Acropolis, the "Jupiter 2 UFO on Mars" and the Lion of Cydonia.

Bret is writing his book on his anomaly finds, plus what he found deconstructing the manipulation of photos from space by our space agencies. His current book is called "Flyover Tsiolkovsky Crater" about the base on the moon seen by Ken Johnston Sr, NASA whistleblower. His new book is "Digital Moon" published in August of 2017, is about the processes of CGI and other methods used by NASA to obfuscate anomalies, plus Bret's extraordinary journey as an experiencer, shown the future at 15 years of age by an agency operative of the government. He went on to found the Lunar Anomaly Research Society to reveal what he has discovered in Lunar images.

Lecture Seminar Program

The Genocide of Goddess Societies:
From Nature to Matriarchy to Patriarchy

This groundbreaking presentation will discuss topics including:

  • Nature-based Zoomorphism and the stars
  • Heirophany of the divine in nature
  • Base belief systems in Paleolithic times
  • When the Earth spoke one nature-based language
  • Arrata and Danube Cultures
  • Perception of the mother, divine feminine
  • The story of the Goddess Mammu, Inanna
  • Matrilineal tribal equality
  • The fictionalization of Shammurāmat AKA Semiramis, Queen of the Assyrian Empire between 811-808 BCE
  • The Assyrian God King list and The Ancestral Cuneiform spirits of Solomon
  • 800 BC the year the Goddess became a God
  • The brotherhood of the snake
  • The invention of the Gods
  • Numerology in ritual invention
  • Allegorical history of the Black Sea cultures
  • Greek Androgyny of contemporary Gods and Goddesses
Presented by Bret Colin Sheppard.

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