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George J. Haas
George J. Haas

George J. Haas
The Cydonia Institute

Keynote Speaker

Twitter: @the_mars_beast


George J. Haas

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Note: This is a promotional conference video from 2018.

Speaker Profile

George J. Haas is a member of the Society of Planetary SETI Research and the founder and premier investigator of the Mars research group, The Cydonia Institute.

His interest in Mars encompasses over 25 years of study and analysis of NASA and ESA photographs of the surface of Mars that document unprecedented parallels between aesthetically designed structures on the red planet with the art and iconography of Mesoamerican cultures.

Haas has co-authored two books with geomorphologist William Saunders; The Cydonia Codex and The Martian Codex and has produced six science papers that examine artificial structures on the surface on Mars that were published in various peer-reviewed science journals.

He recently appeared on the Beyond Belief and Ancient Aliens programs speaking about a Parrot geoglyph discovered on the surface of Mars with 17 points of anatomical correctness that became the subject of a science paper and featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Lecture Seminar Program

The Mars Codex: Manuscript of an Ancient Text

His Human Origins program will include his analysis of the Keyhole Structure, the Three-sided Pyramid, the Parrot Geoglyph and over a dozen avian and deer geoglyphs, discovered just above the famous Face on Mars. The presentation will conclude with a little known Mayan “Star Wars” event that tells of a celestial battle between Mars and the founders of the ancient city of Naranjo. Presented by George Haas.