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George J. Haas
George J. Haas

George J. Haas
The Cydonia Institute

Plenary Speaker

Twitter: @the_mars_beast

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Note: This is a promotional conference video from 2018.

Speaker Profile

George J. Haas is a member of the Society of Planetary SETI Research and the founder and premier investigator of the Mars research group, The Cydonia Institute. His interest in Mars encompasses over 25 years of study and analysis of NASA and ESA photographs of the surface of Mars that document unprecedented parallels between aesthetically designed structures on the red planet with the art and iconography of Mesoamerican cultures.

George has co-authored two books with geomorphologist William Saunders; The Cydonia Codex and The Martian Codex and has produced six science papers that examine artificial structures on the surface on Mars that were published in various peer-reviewed science journals.He recently appeared on the Beyond Belief and Ancient Aliens programs speaking about a Parrot geoglyph discovered on the surface of Mars with 17 points of anatomical correctness that became the subject of a science paper and featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

His co-author and fellow researcher, William Saunders, is a retired petroleum geoscientist who graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in geomorphology. William worked as a geological technologist in the petroleum exploration and development industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from 1978 until 2014. He is an associate director of The Cydonia Institute along with George Haas and a member of the Society for Planetary Seti Research (SPSR).


Lecture Seminar Program

The Great Architects of Mars:
Master Builders of a Lost Civilization

This presentation examines a broad collection of geometrically designed structures observed on the surface of Mars. Beginning with the Sagan’s Elysium pyramids identified in the early Mariner 9 images we will explore additional mounds and pyramidal structures located throughout the entire planet, including entire cities. Side by side comparisons of each structure will be juxtaposed with modern and ancient architectural designs, suggesting a direct terrestrial correlation with the Mound Builders of both North and South America.

To believe these structural formations are just the result of some bizarre natural occurrence, one would have to dismiss NASA’s entire data set and abandon all rational divisions between our understanding of architectural design and natural geology.

The presentation concludes with the discovery of an iconic builder’s mark that is not only "hidden in plain sight” but is attributed to an ancient masonic fraternity known as the Freemasons, suggesting a common heritage shared between two worlds. Presented by George Haas.