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George Kavassilas
George Kavassilas

George Kavassilas
Spiritual Journeyman
and Experiencer

Motivational Speaker


Twitter: @IAmInfiniteGK
YouTube: @horusdownunder

Our Universal Journey George Kavassilas


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George Kavassilas discusses the addiction and codependency of religious doctrine.

Speaker Profile

George Kavassilas is an Australian author, mentor and public speaker. He has had a lifetime of strange and wonderful experiences beyond the ordinary, encountering both benevolent and malevolent inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings. As a consequence, he went through a process of reconciling the knowledge and wisdom gained from these experiences and came to realize a natural responsibility to share what he has learnt with our global community.

Author of “Our Universal Journey,” George now embodies a limitless passion in addressing life’s primordial questions: “Who are we? Where do we come from? What are we doing here?” All that George shares stems from direct experience. Some find his work challenging, yet for others it is incredibly liberating.

Reality creation and management are his specialty, along with the Exo-Political and especially the Cosmo-Political Arenas.

In his interviews and workshops, seminars and conference presentations, George shares a vision of the Universe from direct personal experience to help us break our invisible chains. George’s work is frequently controversial and cutting edge. It is beyond the ordinary and will naturally expand your awareness.

A deep alchemical process George teaches called “Closure” along with forgotten knowledge and wisdom, values and philosophy have helped thousands of people the world over to stand true, to BE and to live in a more peaceful, centered, and empowered state in a most natural way – beyond all belief systems and distorted cultural programs.

George knows his life path includes a focus to expose all levels of deception, no matter how far they go. He carries a deep seeded sense of responsibility to help liberate our Humanity from all forms of imposing doctrine and dogma, without exception – be they Earthly or even Cosmic in nature.

The Extent - The Challenge - The Creative Solution

George Kavassilas

Lecture Seminar Program

The Star Lore and Natural Universal Lore of Humanity's Origins

My Life’s Passion is answering life’s primordial questions:

Who are we?
Where do we come from?
What are we doing here?

And, as a consequence and to a degree, where are we headed?

Throughout my life, I have had numerous expaeriences that have revealed to me a remembering, an understanding and an innerstanding, of the construct of our Universe and our journey within it. I am speaking from direct experience.

Due to my ordinary upbringing and no formal qualifications, this has enabled me from a freer mind to explain the most complex aspects of our universal journey in a simplistic manner therefore making it accessible to everyone.

In this upcoming Human Origins Lecture, I will share with you Star Lore. Star Lore stems from Natural Universal Lore.

In particular, I will share how and why our Milky Way Galaxy was created, our Solar system, our Earth and, consequently, the meaning and the purpose of our Human construct.

Who we are, where we come from and what we are doing here are known. It is known by the overwhelming majority of life in the Universe who reside in natural existence. It is, however, purposefully kept hidden from a minority under the influence of forces of limitation.

I very much look forward to seeing you and supporting you in remembering our Origins.

George Kavassilas

I Am Infinite!

Presented by George Kavassilas.

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