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Geraldine Orozco
Geraldine Orozco

Geraldine Orozco
Intuitive DNA Reprogrammer
Ascension Coach

Motivational Speaker


Facebook: @geraldineyorozco
Instagram: @geraldineyorozco
Instagram: @bayareameditation
Twitter: @IntroAlchemy

Extraordinary: The Seeding with Geraldine Orozco


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“Extraordinary: The Seeding” Official Trailer. Starring Geraldine Orozco, one of our speakers at HOC 2020, and Melinda Leslie of UFOSightingTours.com, the complete documentary film of Extraordinary: The Seeding will be shown at the VIP Cocktail and Dinner Party on Day Three, Saturday evening.

Speaker Profile

Geraldine Orozco is an Intuitive DNA Reprogrammer and Ascension Coach. On October 15, 2013, Geraldine experienced a vivid abduction from her bedroom window where she recounts being taken on board a ship and meeting tall grays that introduce her to her eight hybrid children. The next morning, she encounters a hypersensitivity to the human electromagnetic field. This discovery initiates a journey to find the truth about what happened.

Her first hypnotherapy, in June 2017, resulted in the discovery of repeated abductions originating in her childhood. She recounts her abductions through her regressions in which she brings forth information regarding the universe and ancient DNA alterations here on planet earth that operate to control the population through hidden government manipulations. But her journey does not end there.

Geraldine underwent four additional regression sessions; November 10, 2017, December 2017, February 2018 and March 2018. During these sessions, she traveled deep into each abduction and the history of the universe in order to understand the reason behind the hybridization program here both on and off Earth, as well as how they operate the program among humans. Geraldine goes deep into understanding the purpose of Ascension with the utilization of the human technology and DNA information for their ongoing harvest of energy within the Intelligent Universe.

Geraldine Orozco Bay Area Meditation

Lecture Seminar Program

Human Origins and Parasitic Consciousness:
The Journey of the Soul through Integration

The study of our genetic origins is key to understanding what makes human beings an integral part of evolution. The human body is an advanced biotechnology, which we must learn to use in order to navigate our physical experiences.

How did the human being make an evolutionary jump so as to create a genetic gap in our evolutionary timeline? What makes the human being a unique organism, which is being utilized in several hybridization programs, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial? What is a soul and how does it play a role in this whole design? Is there a parasitic consciousness that feeds off the limitations of the human being?

We will take a deeper look at the intelligence of this consciousness and how the human race can begin to deconstruct a false mechanism, which is artificially manipulating the soul. Presented by Geraldine Orozco.