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Jesus Payan Jr.
Jesus Payan Jr.

Jesus Payan Jr.
Hollywood Actor,
Contactee and Researcher

Motivational Speaker

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If I can get the support of our people nations then we have a chance to make a serious difference and I can make sure as President that every treaty is not broken and money is returned to the reservations and school systems and homes and start the healing process.

- Jesus Payan Jr.
World Indigenous News
September 23, 2015

Mysteries At The Monument: The Lonnie Zamora Incident with Jesus Payan Jr.

Mysteries at the Monument: The Lonnie Zamora Incident with Jesus Payan Jr.

Speaker Profile

Jesus Payan Jr. (pronounced Gee-zus, not Hey-zeus), who is better known by his stage name “Jesus Jr.”, was born Mayan-French in Madrid, Spain, with type O negative blood. He was raised in England for the first part of his childhood due to the fact that his father was in the United States Air Force and stationed at the now infamous RAF Bentwaters base. At age four, Jesus experienced his first UFO/abduction experience in 1980 at the same time that the Rendlesham Forest incident took place, only minutes away. During his time in Europe, he explored the mysteries of Stonehenge and journeyed to the shores of Loch Ness Lake in Scotland to search for the infamous Loch Ness Monster. Eventually, his father was stationed back in the United States, where Jesus’ UFO sightings and abduction experiences have continued at an alarming rate ever since.

Experiencing several episodes of missing time, including one instance where he went missing for four days, he immersed himself in researching such topics and lecturing on the subject itself. MUFON investigator Dee Gragg put Jesus’ story in “A Simple Explanation of Extraterrestrials (ETs)”, a book covering his multi-generation abductions. By 2000, he had begun researching Sasquatch encounters, which led to being featured on Travel Channel’s “Finding Bigfoot”. Jesus has also appeared on the television show “Mysteries at the Monument” as a UFO expert.

Jesus participated in a very special genome project. Focusing on cryptid hominid research, this particular project took place with the heads of anthropology from several universities. His experience also includes being a former member of Falcon’s Creative Group in collaboration with National Geographic and the Jane Goodall Institute.

In 2005, he became a Hollywood actor with over forty television and film credits to his name, including the character known as Gonzo from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. During all of this, he has become a motivational speaker for suicide prevention, UFO sightings, Sasquatch encounters, ancient aliens and UFOs in the Bible.

His research and experiences are as diverse as his resume, which includes amateur archaeologist and ancient historian, Hollywood actor, musician, singer, rapper, composer, teacher, professional fighter, stuntman, bodyguard, writer, producer, director, professional artist, sculptor, cosmetologist, and Federal Detention Officer. Jesus has worked for the Behavioral Science Department training law enforcement personnel in crisis de-escalation techniques. His extensive resume is rounded out with his run for U.S. President in 2016 as a write-in, with an election campaign that garnered a half-million votes.


I would do a film on our story of a people before 1492 across the Americas from North to South and show how great our Nations and cities were. Give our youth a chance to learn our real history past our Genocide… showing a time of high technology. Mathematical genius, astronomy, working indoor and outdoor plumbing, medical surgery and so much more.

- Jesus Payan Jr., World Indigenous News, September 23, 2015

Mysteries At The Monument: The Lonnie Zamora Incident with Jesus Payan Jr.

The Jesus Project with Jesus Payan Jr.

Lecture Seminar Program

The Mayan Connection:
An Actor's Perspective

Complimented by his video and photographic research, Jesus Payan Jr. will be presenting key information centered around his exploration into the mysterious Sasquatch, while discussing his UFO and alien abduction experiences. His presentation will focus on the ancient connection that exists between those two elusive worlds as he exams the why abductees, contactees and experiencers seem to share common parallel encounters with both cryptid and extraterrestrial beings. Presented by Jesus Payan Jr.