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Michelle Gibson
Michelle Gibson

Michelle Gibson
Historical Detective
Ancient Mysteries

Plenary Speaker

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My Take on the Mud Flood and Historical Reset Timeline by Michelle Gibson

Speaker Profile

Michelle Gibson was born in July of 1963, and raised outside of Washington, D.C. in Montgomery County, Maryland. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Maryland in Baltimore Country in 1989. She has lived in many different places, and travelled extensively.

Michelle firmly believes there would be no mysteries in history if we had been told the true history. She has been fascinated by megaliths most of her life, and her journey has led her to uncovering the key to the truth. She found a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities, and extended the lines out. Then she wrote down the cities that lined up primarily in linear and circular fashion, and got an amazing tour of the world of places she had never heard of with remarkable similarities across countries.

This whole process, and other pieces of the puzzle that fell into place, brought up much information - including a suppressed, ancient, advanced, global civilization - that needs to be brought back into collective awareness, and her research in tracking these alignments had led her to uncover the evidence for what has taken place here, those who were responsible, and how it was covered up right in front of our eyes.

michelle gibson

Lecture Seminar Program

Evidence for an Ancient Advanced Moorish Civilization, a Mud Flood and a New Historical Narrative

Based on my extensive research of cities and places in alignment around the world, I am seeing that a world-wide Moorish civilization, with its roots in ancient Mu and Atlantis, built the world’s infrastructure.

With different empires within Empire – Washitaw, Phoenician, Tartarian, Barbarian, and Ottoman, to name just a few – but one beautiful, elegant, integrated, unified, and worldwide civilization.

I take very seriously the belief among many researchers that there was a relatively recent worldwide liquefaction event that resulted in a mud flood, which I do not believe occurred from natural causes, and wiped-out this advanced civilization, physically and from our collective memory.

After a period of time, there was enough infrastructure dug-out of the mud flows to re-start civilization, and a new, fabricated historical narrative was superimposed over the existing infrastructure, one in which we have been thoroughly educated in by those responsible for the cataclysm for purposes of their power and control of Humanity and the Earth’s Grid System. Presented by Michelle Gibson.