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Alexander Lipton
Alexander Lipton

Alexander Lipton
Director and Producer
Video Shaman

Motivational Speaker

Instagram: @alexlipton


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A Video Shaman promotional video.

Speaker Profile

Alexander Lipton grew up in Mahopac, New York, where he developed a passion for cinema and telling stories. After watching John Landis’ production for Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, and the subsequent behind-the-scenes featurette, he became fascinated with the nature of how movies are made. Movies and the filmmaking process became fundamental in Alex’s understanding of spirituality, and at an early age Alex was aware that reality and life itself has a “behind-the-scenes” world. Later he moved to California in pursuit of a higher education and graduated from film school in Los Angeles, Columbia College Hollywood, with a B.F.A. in Directing Cinema & TV Production.

Growing up with the guidance of his Uncle, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Alex was taught with the understanding of how our perception controls our biology and that health and wellness is greatly influenced by our consciousness. For over a decade it has been Alex’s mission to help spread this message of self-empowerment using creative video production. He is guided by synchronicity and holds the subjects of ancient civilizations and lost worlds very close to his heart, and spends his life helping others discover the wonders of the unknown.

Having become a novice wizard of sorts, Alex is a trained facilitator in the PSYCH-K process, which is an energy-psychology healing modality. PSYCH-K is a philosophy and method through which people can reprogram their subconscious beliefs in a matter of minutes. Alex is skilled with experiential knowledge of the Tarot and Astrology, often incorporating both into his practice of helping people re-remember their divinity and sovereignty as human beings.

Alex is involved and participates lovingly in a grand learning process with the Cree Nation in Canada. He has personally committed his life as a Sundancer, and takes great pride in serving The Creator in order to help bring healing and love to Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

Lecture Seminar Program

A Shift in Consciousness:
What are the Pillars of this New Paradigm?

We are in the midst of a massive shift in consciousness; a new paradigm is emerging which hallmarks the birth of humanity.  If we choose to be guided by synchronicity all of the chaos we see in the world takes on a new and more positive meaning. What are the pillars of this new paradigm? How can we redefine our human existence so that we no longer see ourselves as an accidental force of violence and destruction? Is there a “missing link” in evolution, and how would we react if that missing link wasn’t buried in a dessert somewhere, as much as it’s embedded in our own subconscious minds?

The most valid and scientifically provable fact, which defines the new paradigm, is the existence of a lost civilization of humanity.  Upon delving down the rabbit hole, this something you will find unmistakable. We will explore the new paradigm, experiment with perceiving reality, and defect from the realm of belief and fly proudly into the realm of knowledge. It is important to recognize that the only thing we own in this life is the story we tell ourselves about who we are. Once we learn how to re-write the story of our lives to empower ourselves, rather than helplessly feel that we’re victims, we can begin to transform the world around us into a more harmonious one. Presented by Alexander Lipton.

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