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Stephen Popiotek
Stephen Popiotek

Stephen Popiotek
Cutting-Edge Metaphysical Teacher and Researcher

Motivational Speaker

Facebook: @stephen.popiotek


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Stephen Popiotek


Stephen Popiotek at the Meta Center Expo.

Speaker Profile

Stephen Popiotek is a cutting edge metaphysical teacher, researcher and channel for a variety of esoteric subjects including the Kabbalah, Cosmic Shamanism, Egyptian mystery teachings, UFO's, parallel realities, MK Ultra programs, sacred geometry, stargate activations and the ascension process. As a well-learned intuitive guide with over 25 years of experience delving to the core of ancient spiritual traditions, Stephen often leads large meditative groups in planetary grid upgrades, galactic channelings and spiritual warrior teachings of light. His solar teachings incorporate ancient meditation techniques, movement and visualization to harness the spiritual and physical energies of the sun for personal and planetary healing and empowerment.

Stephen has taught, organized and facilitated events at various local and international locations around the world and is a regular speaker at New Life Expo. His past engagements include the NY Theosophical Society, the Eyes of Learning, the Surya Theosophical Group, the Association of Higher Awareness, the Spiritual Unity Network, Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and Jodi Serota's Meta Center NY, to name a few. His global travels have included sacred site stargate activations and planetary grid work in England, Spain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Bermuda, Ireland, Scotland, Hawaii, Mt Shasta, Sedona, and the Cahokia Indian Mounds. He is currently working on several new manuscripts encompassing his research and experience.

Lecture Seminar Program

Cosmic Shamanism: Transcending the Veil of the Matrix

I will discuss the importance of evolving our ancient spiritual traditions to interface more effectively with the star nations and Gaia's evolutionary process. This involves expanding our knowledge base of various groups, revealing their inroads made into our collective consciousness and the potency of grounding our starry lineage to transcend the shadow matrices. Presented by Stephen Popiotek.