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Russell Scott Brinegar
Russell Scott Brinegar

Russell Scott Brinegar
Visionary Author

Plenary Speaker

Facebook: @russell.brinegar
Instagram: @brinegarrussell

Overlords of the Singularity Russell Scott Brinegar


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Russell Brinegar discusses why our universe functions like a simulation.

Speaker Profile

Russell Brinegar spent his childhood on the “Space Coast” in Titusville, Florida, where he grew up with sunshine and beaches. He was fortunate enough to witness the launchings of the Apollo moon missions close to his home by the Indian River. When he was 17, he entered the US Army as a gunner on an 81 mm mortar crew. He was discharged in 1975, and has been an anti-military advocate ever since. After a career in sales, he attended Indiana University, graduating with a special honors/Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy for outstanding academic performance. He graduated in 1997 with the goal of working 20 years and retiring, which he did in 2017.

Until the age of 54, Russ was a scientific “material reductionist.” Then, on August 18, 2009, Russ had an anomalous near-death experience (NDE) from a heart attack that revealed the underlying, multidimensional nature of the universe to him. Since his NDE, he began intensive research into all aspects of the paranormal, including UFOs.

In 2016, he published his book, “Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence,” which is available on Amazon in both Kindle and printed versions. Since 2016, Russ has participated in many radio shows, and conducted live presentations on the results of his years of research. He is currently involved with the community of UFO experiencers, and is interested in Transhumanism, the “Simulation Hypothesis,” and the implications to humanity for the coming technological singularity.

Overlords of the Singularity Russell Scott Brinegar

Lecture Seminar Program

Extraterrestrials, Technology and Consciousness:
The Underlying Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality

At this year’s Human Origins Conference 2020, author/presenter Russell Scott Brinegar will detail his own near-death experience (NDE), and how his NDE completely changed his understanding of the underlying, multidimensional nature of reality. He will explore the subject of NHI (non-human intelligence), various contact modalities, and how his own NDE changed his paradigm of living, his insight into the human condition, and his resulting personal investigation into all aspects of alternative Earth History, human religion and spirituality, psychedelics, UFOs, and the paranormal.

Subjects covered in his presentation will include:

  • Ancient galactic history
  • Cataclysms that altered the development of life on Earth
  • Possible ET interventions in human development
  • Ghosts, cryptids, and UFOs
  • Psychedelic origins of human spirituality
  • Transhumanism
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional friends and foes
  • The Technological Singularity
  • The Simulation Hypothesis
  • Current theories of consciousness
As a result of his personal experience of coming very close to crossing the veil to the “Other Side,” Russ has tried to connect the dots regarding the relationship that all aspects of the paranormal have with one another. He published his findings, along with his controversial tentative theories and conclusions regarding Earth’s non-human presence in his 2016 book, “Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence”. Since the publishing of his book, he has continued his research into UFOs and extraterrestrials. Russ presents a view of reality on Earth that is very different from the view he had prior to this incredible journey into the unknown. Presented by Russell Scott Brinegar.

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