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Rich Daniels
Rich Daniels

Rich Daniels
Behavioral Support Specialist and Contributing Editor
“National Cryptid Society”

Plenary Speaker

NCS Articles
Cryptid Encounter Syndrome
Paranormal Encounter Network
Facebook: @richdat.sixfourthree

Facebook: @nationalcryptidsociety
Twitter: @Nat_Cryptid_Soc

The Emotional and Psychological Affects Resulting from Cryptid Encounters by Rich Daniels


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Department of Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife statement from December 21, 1977.

Speaker Profile

Rich Daniels is a Behavioral Support Specialist and Contributing Editor-Moderator for the National Cryptid Society, an organization bringing cryptozoological awareness to the public. Having come face to face with Bigfoot encounters in three different states – as well as an encounter with a skinwalker – Rich Daniels has experienced quite a bit in the cryptid arena. He was the keynote speaker at the Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot Convention in 2017, an annual event in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where he was also invited to return as a plenary speaker in 2019 to present his case study report on Cryptid Encounter Syndrome (CES) for the first time.

He is also the founder of the Paranormal Encounter Network (formerly the Crypto Encounter Group), a support group for individuals who have had traumatic experiences with cryptids (animal species undocumented by current science), spirits or alien-related phenomenon.

The Paranormal Encounter Network represents a diverse collection of concerned individuals offering their experience, training and abilities to those in need of assistance coping with such paranormal encounters. Witnesses typically feel as though there is no one to listen to them after experiencing cryptids, spirits or alien-related phenomenon. The Paranormal Encounter Network provides open-minded individuals who offer help and support for witnesses of paranormal events and allow those witnesses the ability to choose the person with whom they wish to relate their story.

For the past fourteen years, he has been working with at-risk youths in the mental/behavioral health field, assisting 74 young people in achieving full recovery and healthy discharge from therapeutic care. “It's incredible to think that I'm in my fourteenth year of working with at-risk kids when I got into the field by answering a Craig's List ad. I'm not much of a prideful man but what little pride I do enjoy comes from helping 74 young people conquer the challenges in their lives and move on to seek happiness. Through embracing and living the precepts of Change, Humor, The Paradox and The Journey, I have reached individuals deemed unreachable and opened the door to hope for some considered hopeless. I've come to know my calling to be service to others and I don't intend to ever deviate from that course.”


I have reached individuals deemed unreachable and opened the door to hope for some considered hopeless. I've come to know my calling to be service to others and I don't intend to ever deviate from that course.

- Rich Daniels, Founder, Paranormal Encounter Network

Lecture Seminar Program

Cryptid Encounter Syndrome:
Shedding Light on the Aftermath of Traumatic Encounters

Cryptid Encounter Syndrome (CES) is defined as a condition of long-term or chronic stress response accompanied by acute anxiety over sharing the experience triggered by an encounter with an undocumented species of animal.

After fourteen years of cryptid research, Rich came to realize that witnesses he was interviewing demonstrated some of the same symptoms and reactions to their experiences as did the clients he worked with in the mental and behavioral health field. Cryptid witnesses shared traumatic reactions with victims of chronic abuse, witnesses to extreme violence and those enduring near-death experiences. Rich will speak of “The Nature of Fear” from both his own experiences and those of some of the 148 participants he interviewed for his extensive case study on the subject, which was released in June 2019 and is now available for download and free public distribution to everyone.

Rich is currently working on a documentary of his experience, introducing this subject so that those interested can get more information. This is all in an early stage of development but one thing he intends to do is conduct scientific studies of this phenomena and to share those studies for peer review both in the Bigfoot research community and the mental/behavioral health community. For him, the bottom line is to understand more about CES so as to promote the care and attention witnesses need, and to be a conduit for their experiences to aid researchers and ultimately positively influence solving the Bigfoot mystery. Presented by Rich Daniels.