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Su Walker and Rev. White Otter
Su Walker and Rev. White Otter

Su Walker and
Rev. White Otter
P'nti Star Nation

Motivational Speakers


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The Sandia Mountain P'nti Crew
Twitter: @sandiawisdom
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Inviting ET Su Walker Rev. White Otter


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Su Walker & Rev. White Otter

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This is very real! Even if everyone coming wants to see a UFO, even if they want to meet an extraterrestrial, we are here to tell you… when it actually happens, emotionally everything about your party changes dramatically, in an instant!

- Su Walker & Rev. White Otter

Su Walker and Rev. White Otter discuss inviting ET with real CE5 contact stories.

Speaker Profile

Su Walker is an internationally known clairvoyant, psychic, medical intuitive and a lifelong experiencer of ET/UFO phenomena. People around the world have been seeking out her psychic and medical intuitive advice. For over 20 years she has assisted individuals, CEO's of businesses, physicians, actors and law enforcement agencies, including the police, the FBI and the CIA. Her psychic readings and medical intuitive readings are sought out for their high levels of accuracy and detail.

Frequently asked to investigate hauntings or paranormal activity, Su's been featured in various publications, television documentaries, and radio appearances. Su also conducts training seminars during the year, because she desires to educate the public about various forms of psychic phenomena, improving psychic skills and exploring remote viewing, scrying, or energy projection. She travels the country presenting lectures and workshops on psychic readings, medical intuitive readings, telepathy, and other paranormal and spiritual issues.

In September 2013, she was unexpectedly contacted by an extraterrestrial while visiting the Albuquerque, New Mexico, area for the first time. A strong friendship with this ET, nicknamed Sandia, began to develop with her and her spouse, Rev. White Otter. In the years that followed, this couple would continue to dialogue with and translate for not only Sandia (Commander Tlkm), but several other extraterrestrials who operate out of a facility beneath the Sandia Mountains as well.

Rev. White Otter has traveled the shaman’s path for more than 40 years and has been involved with teaching energy work for most of that time. A true Renaissance man, Otter holds a masters in philosophy and a degree in the culinary arts has been an 18th-century historic re-enactor as well as a professional nurseryman. Otter has been a lifelong contact and is currently working as a translator for the P’nti of the Sandia Mountain.

Together, Su and Otter have volunteered more than 10,000 hours since June 2015, assisting in telepathic translation for the Twitter account Sandia the ET. They have aided in translating the first known collaborative Earth Human/P’nti publication. A basic training manual entitled The Telepathy 101 Primer is available as a free download from officialfirstcontact.com. It is available in multiple languages and physical hard copies as well.

Su Walker and Rev. White Otter discuss telepathy, the P'nti and official first contact.

Lecture Seminar Program

The Sandia Mountain P’nti and Their Worldwide CE5 Contact

In September 2013, an ET race known as the P’nti who operate from a facility beneath the Sandia Mountain telepathically contacted and began regular communication with a local Albuquerque couple, Su Walker and Rev. White Otter.

Learn the details about this Star Nation’s initial contact, as well as:

  • A science previously unknown on Earth called archeoplanetography
  • The P'nti's request for social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook
  • A translated instruction manual - The Telepathy 101 Primer
  • A CE5 guidebook, written with help by the P'nti, called Inviting ET
  • Stories of their unprecedented and repetitive worldwide CE5 contact
  • Physical evidence, video and audio published on officialfirstcontact.com by the P'nti experiencers in 2019
  • Earth's upcoming Official First Contact in 2021… and more!
Presented by Su Walker and Rev. White Otter.

The Sandia Mountain P'nti: The Extraterrestrial Portrait Art of Su Walker.