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Our Partners & Sponsors

Our Partners & Sponsors

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Patronage & Sponsorship Opportunities

sponsorship You are invited to participate in this foundational event, the Human Origins Conference, as a sponsor and/or exhibitor. Over 200 people are expected to attend this exciting conference presenting researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, experiencers, writers and visionaries working at the nexus of lost knowledge, ancient wisdom and the rising global awareness of the human race's star born legacy. Revealing the fascinating realms of Earth’s cosmology, human origins, ancient history and lost wisdom, the conference carries a mission of sharing knowledge with the purpose of expanding the consciousness of humanity.

To this end, the Human Origins Conference is an interdisciplinary event crossing many research areas, all of which are focused on who are we, where we come from, where are we going, what our true history is and human well-being. The conference represents a serious approach to sensitive issues while remaining dedicated to providing hidden and suppressed knowledge on various topics that deeply affect us all. Be it economic, political or interstellar, this annual conference event targets those profound questions and global mysteries, while aiming to actively inform the general public on the issues we are all facing together as we come to terms with our own past, present and immediate future.

As such, this pivotal and highly educational annual conference is not part of any other regular conference series supported by an association or organization. If you or your organization would like to help support the Human Origins Conference, including broadening participation by early career attendees, teachers and researchers from all walks of life, please contact the conference directors immediately.

Your participation and support of the conference is greatly valued and we thank you for your consideration.

Richard & Linda Smith
Executive Directors
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Sponsorship demonstrates Leadership

Sponsor Perks

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  • Five VIP passes to attend the conference
  • Your business logo displayed during the conference, positioning your organization to derive maximum exposure with HOC 2019 participants
  • Your company info and business marketing material – supplied by you – given to each attendee and placed on each seat at the conference
  • Exposure in your city via the power of ‘word of mouth’ and HOC 2019 social media forums
  • Your organization's online visibility promoted with your business website and logo placed directly on the official HOC 2019 conference site and associated social media pages
  • Your organization's online visibility promoted with your business website hyperlink shared directly on HOC 2019 social media pages
  • Your organization's logo placed on all HOC 2019 printed information and marketing releases
  • Your sponsorship highlights the leadership of your enterprise with community and business associates, as well as your primary commercial industries, and positions your organization to derive maximum exposure with HOC 2019 participants
  • Utilize this business-building event to showcase your organization's products, solutions and services with key researchers, exhibitors and practitioners in professional fields ranging from alternative health and ecological stewardship to cutting-edge discoveries and global awareness
  • HOC 2019 gives you direct access to groundbreaking and emerging professionals who are active members of participating professional societies that you and your organization would like to reach and influence
  • Showcase your brand as a spearheading trendsetter to the most enthusiastic audience to ever engage an event like this, an audience that embraces the idea of a provocative education with genuine knowledge, original wisdom and authentic truth

Why Become a Patron of HOC 2019?

HOC 2019 is an essential leading-edge event bringing together thought leaders, field researchers, experienced practitioners, academicians, experiencers and trailblazing authors to learn, discuss and teach about the principal lost knowledge and ancient wisdom of advanced technologies, as well as the benefits of such knowledge to education, human well-being and futuristic applications.

HOC has an impressive wellspring of collective information coming from it speakers and exhibitors, a fundamental aspect that not only equates itself to an increasingly powerful and loyal audience, but is also solidly grounded on the building blocks of credibility and reputation.

Bottom line: Patrons such as yourself and your organization gain firsthand access to all of this crucial, priceless and life-changing information.

We welcome your organization to evaluate the wide range of opportunities available and select a package that meets your marketing strategy.

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